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    How To Nuke (Wipe) Your PC

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    • 05-20-2018
    • This guides uses Darik's Boot and Nuke. To completly wipe a HDD / Storage device. Follow the steps closely to ensure the easist, and best results possible.
      Setting up the process takes around 30 minutes. However, once the program is running it will take at minimum several hours. It's suggested that to complete this guide a few hours before you go to sleep. 

    What you will need

    Back Up Your Personal Data

    Contents such as pictures, word documents, videos, anything you think worth keeping back up. Either to a CD/DvD or more commonly used a Flash Drive.

    • 1). Right click the windows icon on the taskbar, then select settings or hit the windows key, then type settings (you can skip most of the steps if you type backup and select backup settings)

    • 2). Select the options update & security

    • 3). On the left-hand side menu select the option backup

    • 4). On the right-hand side select the option more options (located below automatically back up my files)

    • 5). Choose the files you wish to back up; procceeded by selecting the location where you want to backup those files, processed by selecting the back up now option

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    Darik’s Boot And Nuke

    Remember where you save DBAN as we will need the file later

    If you've not already done so; Download Darik's Boot and Nuke

    • This is the software that will completely wipe your hard drive. It's completely safe, and very easy to use.

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    Choosing a boot method

    This guide assumes you're using Rufus, or ImgBurn. It's assumed that results will be the same if you use an alternative program, but not guaranteed.

    Getting started we must first download a program that will allow to burn 'write' the .iso file to a flsh drie. If you have not already, download Rufus, or use your prefered .iso file software.

    There are two options to 'write' DBAN. Either CD/DVD or USB. The latter being the prefered option. This guide goes over both ways to write the DBAN .iso file. Starting with the USB method.


      • After installing Rufus. Select the first dropdown option, and choose the drive you want to write DBAN to

      • The next drop-down is boot selection. Click on the arrow and select disk or ISO image option

      • Proceed by pressing “ SELECT “

      • You will need to remember where you’ve saved the DBAN file. Now select that file and choose open

      • You will now create a bootable drive by selecting “START” at the bottom of the menu

      • You will now receive a warning. Proceed by choosing “OK”

      • Rufus will now begin to create the bootable drive

      • Once the status changes to “READY” you may safely close Rufus

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      • After downloading and installing imgburn. Begin by selecting the option write image file to disc

      • Proceed by selecting the magnifying glass over the folder icon. Which will open your file explorer. Remember where you saved the DBAN and select that file

      • Once you’ve chosen the appropriate file. Click the file-to-disk icon at the bottom left screen to begin

      • The program will now begin to write DBAN to the disc

      • The program will now begin to write DBAN to the disc

      • Once the process is complete. You should return to the previous menu and if the program was able to successfully write DBAN the icon should now be grayed out. You may close Imgburn

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    Using DBAN

    Make sure you have all content that you want saved backup You will not be able to recovery anything past this point

    One you're ready. Restart the computer that you intend to nuke. Then access the boot menu

    Press the appropriate key such as F11, F12, F8, or F5. Each BIOS is different. This may take a few attempts if you're uncertain of the correct key. Once the correct is pressed the computer should now give you access to the boot menu . You'll be able to choose a boot drive without permanently changing the default boot drive.
    (this may take a couple of attempts)
    You want to select boot from something that looks like disk drive, CD drive , or usb. Depeneding on which option you choose from the previous step

      • Once you can successfully boot into the Drive selection. Choose the drive with DBAN

      • If the previous steps are successful, you should now be redirected to a screen that looks like the following. To initiate DBAN you will type the following phrase “autonuke”. This will prompt DBAN to nuke the current computer. A momentary lapse of time will happen, and you will be directed to another screen..

      • The screen should look like the following. If all the previous steps were successful DBAN will now begin. This process will take several hours at minimum. For best results, make sure the computer has always a consistent connection of power and it’s not in a position to be interrupted easily.

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    If you do not intend to donate or sell the computer It is not necessary to continue forward